RMWeb Wishlist Poll 2018

Vote for the railway models you want to see made!

The Poll is open from 15 October to 3 November at:

Further details can be found at: Advance Notice – RMWeb Wishlist Poll 2018

The 20 categories cover Steam, Diesel and Electric Locos; DMUs; EMUs; Freight and Departmental Stock; Passenger and Non-passenger-carrying Coaching Stock; Standard Gauge Industrial Locos; and London Underground.

The results will be published on
RMweb during early November.

The purpose of The Poll is:
To provide an easy and enjoyable way for modellers and collectors to indicate to the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run 00 railway models what they would like to see made from all-new tooling (excluding models announced, tooled or made since 2000).

You can contact The Poll Team by email: thepollteam@gmail.com