SM32 Live Steam

Leigh Valley Light Railway (SM32 Live Steam Layout) started life as a basic twin track demonstration layout to enable 16mm locos and rolling stock to be present to the public for charitable fund raising.The Forest of Dean club purchased the layout in 2007 and has undertaken a series of modifications/ improvements to create a more scenic model.

These additions include:
A river bridge to give the layout an additional feature
An engine shed and loco storage so that models can be presented to the public when not running.

An exchange siding / yard area which features 3 different gauges of track
Gauge 3 – representing standard gauge 4ft 8.5ins
SM32 – representing 2ft gauge
OO/16.5 – representing 15 inch track

The station is always a great hit with the public as the figures populating the area are from a variety of popular television shows – these include:
Dad’s Army
Trotter’s Trading
Laurel & Hardy
Hairy Bikes
Fred Dibnah
Norman Bozzard – a deceased member

The layout enables club members and members of the 16mm NG Association to run an assortment of battery and live steam locos. There are no rules regarding period or location – we simply seek to enjoy running and showing the public our models. Obviously most running is done on members’ own garden railways which enable the models to show their full potential in terms of power and setting.

Video footage of SM32 Live steam at the Monmouth Model Rail Exhibition, February 2013

Exhibition Details
Layout Owner FodMRC
Operators required 3
Layout Footprint 7.15m x 2.65m– The layout being rectangular “oval” arrangement means space is needed at the rear to operate it.
Layout Expenses We would expect reimbursement for out of pocket expenses for members and or the Club following the exhibition of this layout. The transport for this layout would not involve the hire of a van.
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Previous Shows Coleford Transport Carnival 2012, Lydney MR Show 2012, Monmouth MR Show 2013, Bristol, 2015
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